Since November 9, 2016, America has had to face a never-ending hysterical drive by the Democratic Party to get rid of President Trump. The first voice for Trump’s impeachment also occurred on November 9, 2016. The obvious logical question is, “How can any president-elect be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors on the day after he’s been elected?”

However, the LIB/DEMS are now and have been totally apocalyptic for the last 3 years. Nancy Pelosi and the loony Lib/Dems don’t really hate President Trump. They hate the fact that he defeated Hilary Clinton, their self-appointed candidate who would convert America into a totally Socialist country.

So why do the Lib/Dems want a Socialist form of government. Because the Lib/Dem ultimate objective is to have total power over the American people. In Socialism, the Federal Government runs/contains every aspect of human activity. For this to happen, YOUR individual freedom as an American citizen MUST be completely eliminated. You’ll be told what to think, how to conduct your daily life and do whatever the government tells you to do, without question. AND, should you violate ANY government order, at the least you will be sent to a gulag and if that doesn’t change your attitude, you’ll be sent to visit your relatives in another world.

Your obvious reaction is “This could not happen in America.” But guess what, it’s happening all over the world right now. Look at China, Russia, and Cuba and has all but killed Venezuela. In a nutshell, Lib/Dems the power to control each of our lives. President Trump has gotten their way to their utopian paradise.

Elizabeth Warren totally epitomizes the Li/Dem mindset. Firstly, she is a congenital liar. Secondly, she refuses to answer specific questions about her “plans” for us. When asked repeatedly about whether or not she would raise taxes on the middle class, she keeps reporting that “their costs will go down.” Cost of what? It’s an unverified statement. The whole Democrat party just wants to get rid of a President who has given America more economic vitality and individual freedom than any president since Ronald Reagan. Don’t let their plan succeed,

Don Carlson