By Al Dozier

The Irmo Town Council Monday approved a proclamation honoring the town‘s first police chief, John Bouknight.

The council also took a look back at the 31 police chiefs who have served the town since 1899 in a presentation by Brian Penna, who is seeking to preserve the memories of the town of Irmo. He said he was able to track down the history of all of the police chiefs.

A portrait of Bouknight will be posted at the Irmo Town Hall. Other memorabilia will also be showcased.

Penna read a list of the town’s former police chiefs at a meeting attended by family members and descendants.

“We can’t move forward without the past,” he said.

Penna, who operates The Karate Dojo in West Columbia and has long-time ties to Irmo, has also announced plans to showcase one of the old police vehicles of the past.

In other action the council approved a policy regarding council member participation in the Okra Strut parade that would require a $100 fee payment if the council member is campaigning by using banners and signs. No payment is required if the council member’s vehicle simply has his or her name on a vehicle.

The council gave second reading approval to the annexation of a property at 10020 Broad River Road. The property will be zoned general commercial.

The council deferred action on the rezoning of 19.6 acres of land off Koon Road from planned development to general commercial.

Councilwoman Kathy Condom she wanted to visit the property before taking action on the zoning.

Photo: Irmo Police Chief Don Perry displays a picture of John Bouknight, Irmo’s first police chief, as the town issues a proclamation honoring his service.