Elephants are a major attraction at the Jamil Shrine Royal Hanneford Circus

The Midlands is preparing to welcome an age old tradition as the Jamil Shrine Royal Hanneford three ring circus makes it’s 44th appearance in as many years at the Jamil Shrine Temple beginning February 7. The stars of the show are, as always, the elephants.

“Elephants have always been a large draw for circuses and we want to continue that tradition,” says Royal Hanneford Circus matriarch Nellie, daughter of the late Tommy Hanneford, a member of the founding family, and his wife Struppi. “We’ve always had a deep love for our animals and the elephants are no exception.”

Tommy’s specialty was bareback riding while Struppi was the first performer to put lions and tigers together.

The largest performers by far, the three elephants will be a part of other performing animals in the circus and you will see high-flying fun, jugglers and family-friendly entertainment.

Columbia performances are Thursday at 7pm, Friday at 10am and 7pm, Saturday at 10am, 3pm and 7pm and Sunday at 1pm and 6pm. The Jamil Shrine Temple is located on Jamil Road off I-26 between St. Andrews Road and Piney Grove Road. A genuine family operation with the Hannefords either performing daredevil tricks, behind the scene chores or both. The youngest performer is fourteen month old Baylian who can already do a handstand while his grandfather Adrian Poema provides the balance.

The Hannefords are performing in Des Moines, Iowa this week and have future engagements coming up in Florence, Roanoke, Oklahoma City and White Plains, NY.

The future of the American circus is bright and proves what good clean family entertainment can be.

For more information and tickets call 803-772-9380 or online at jamilshriners.com.

The show is under the direction of Nellie Hanneford and her husband Adrian Poema.

Photo: Tim Frisco and his performers: (l-r) Mariana Poema, Catherine Poema Rios & Daniela Prieto. photo by Paul Gutheil

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