Due to COVID-19 related tax relief, there is still more than a month away from the Individual Income Tax due date. More than 2 million South Carolina Individual Income Tax returns have already been filed.

If you already filed your South Carolina Individual Income Tax return and realize you need to fix an error, the South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) encourages you to amend your return electronically, a new option available through many tax software providers. Filing electronically using a reputable vendor is your safest and fastest filing option. Learn more about filing South Carolina Individual Income Taxes online at dor.sc.gov/iit-filing.

The IRS also recently announced that for the first time it will begin accepting 2019 federal amended returns online this summer.

Amending returns by paper

• To amend your South Carolina Individual Income Tax return by paper, file a new 2019 SC1040, and check the Amended Return box. Complete the return as it should have been filed, including all schedules and attachments, plus an Amended Return Schedule (Sch. AMD).

• To amend a return from 2018 or older, use the SC1040X. The SC1040X will not be accepted for tax years 2019 and after. The SC1040X cannot be filed electronically.

COVID-19 related tax relief reminder

• South Carolina Income Tax, Franchise Tax, Estimated Tax, and Corporate License Fee filings and payments originally due between April 1 and July 15 are due July 15, 2020. Individuals, corporations, partnerships, banks, savings and loans, utilities, trusts and estates, and tax-exempt organizations qualify.

• For details about state tax relief, visit dor.sc.gov/emergencies.

• For federal tax relief information, visit irs.gov/coronavirus.

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