Open Letter

With the November 7 election fast approaching we would like to explain the reasons behind our support of two candidates for Irmo Town Council: Barry Walker and Kathy Condom.

The Citizens of Irmo are not bitter, negative, or hateful as the Mayor calls members of The Citizens of Irmo Facebook group. What we are is outraged at what our town governing body has become. Our only agenda is this: We love our town and we want it back.

Let us explain why Councilman Walker and Councilwoman Condom are the best choice.

We are living in a town where amendments to controversial ordinances are secretly decided upon, written, and presented with all but two council member’s prior knowledge, yet a candidate running for election was aware of the amendments, as well as executive session conversations and decisions.  Councilman Walker and Councilwoman Condom were left in the dark.

We are living in a town where our very own Mayor testifies in court as “Mayor Hardy King” for his friend concerning the Dula property at the corner of Woodrow and Lake Murray Blvd.  He now supports a candidate for election who has publicly stated that he is the real estate agent for Mr. Dula and hopes to “financially gain by redeveloping the property.”

We are living in a town where Councilman Walker is openly and obviously antagonized without provocation at every council meeting when he asks questions or does not agree with or support the Mayor’s agenda.

We are living in a town where ordinances long ignored are suddenly enforced against the physically disabled without any compassion. Federal regulations that allow variances are ignored. This same disabled person is slandered on social media and to other residents by several councilmembers. Other residents, after years of having carports, are forced to comply with this same ordinance all because of retaliation against an elderly disabled citizen.  Councilman Barry Walker proposed a resolution at a council meeting to look at accommodating citizens with disabilities but was not heard by the mayor or two other councilmen.

We are living in a town where your property, that you work hard to pay for is not yours. Council members who are after their own agendas will now tell you where to park your car.  Councilwoman Kathy Condom and Councilman Barry Walker both live in neighborhoods where parking in the yard is not permitted, yet they continue to be the voice for working class citizens who sometimes have no other options than to park in their yard.

We are living in a town where our police force is used to investigate how tall your grass is and how long your trash can has been at the road. Our officers want to help the community but they are used as pawns in this political game. Council’s priority should be things like the three recent cases of open gun fire right in their backyards, attempted kidnappings, and a better dispatch system. It appears the council’s priority is code enforcement and not the safety of our families.  Councilman Walker and Councilwoman Condom have both responded to every concern that any citizen has brought to their attention, including the ones ignored by other councilmembers.

We are living in a town where a councilman’s spouse speaks about the importance of respect two weeks after her husband publicly calls the Friarsgate neighborhood “slummy” and where the mayor continues to lead by an example of disrespect to others.  Barry and Kathy have continued to show us that they value every citizen regardless of their income, demographic, or opinion.

We are living in a town where people are fearful, not of each other but of certain council members. If you speak out or question the motives of those council members, or the mayor, grudges are held. You will be retaliated against, slandered on social media and various websites, and ignored when bringing concerns to Council’s attention, just as Councilman Walker has been since 2011.  Even amid the backlash, Mr. Walker continues to fight for Irmo citizens.

We are thankful for Councilman Barry Walker and Councilwoman Kathy Condom who interact with us and listen to our concerns. We want to live in peace. We want our property rights respected. We DO NOT want a Town HOA of Irmo. We want a Mayor and a council we can be proud of. We need more Barry Walkers and Kathy Condoms.

Re-Elect Councilman Barry Walker and Councilwoman Kathy Condom. They are our voice.


Brandi Clarkson and Gloria Jordan

Concerned Citizens of Irmo