Letter to the Editor:

Why do Democrats so universally “hate” President Donald Trump! It’s not that they dislike him as a person, in fact, they welcomed him 12 years ago when he was a benign supporter. However, he soon recognized where the “New” Democrat party was heading with Hilary in the background, awaiting her turn to be nominated, President. “Now, on the morning of Nov.6th, 2016 the total Democrat Party rose as one, “Now we’re about to get our first female president and a “Clinton as Well”. This every increasing universal thrill went on to 10:16 pm on Nov. 6, 2016. Then, the total Democrat world collapsed- Trump would become our next president.

For the next three days, the Lib/Dems sat about in a stupor. Then the Dem leaders got together and concluded that “Donald Trump must be made to pay for this blow to the Democrat party”. Its first move was to enlist 99% of the social media (voice, print & TV) to denounce Trump for each and anything he did on a daily bases. You will notice how the Lib/Dems Party issued daily insult terms which the media dutifully reported over and over ( remember, “Manufactured Crisis)! You see, Lib/Dems don’t hate Donald Trump as a person, they hate him for stealing their quest for one party rule of U.S. Government.

You see, Lib/Dems takeover plan is based on having even increasing waves of illegal immigrates crossing our borders; who then become Democrat voters. How, by offering them never-ending free “stuff” such as free housing, health care, food stamps, etc. Thus, assuming their obedient support of the Democrat party in perpetuity. Just think, with a government like this, you will no longer have to think for yourself.
Another Lib/Dem term that drives me crazy is the Lib/Dem term “Democratic Party.

America is NOT a Democracy it’s a “Republic”. In fact, the majority of European counties are Democracies. When they vote, they vote for a “party” and when one party can get at least 51% of the vote (even if it means combining parties). They run the government with the remaining party controlling nothing. You see, this is exactly where the Lib/Dems want to drive America. And this is exactly what we can’t let America become. Our founding fathers recognized this potential 250 years ago. As an example of this, immigrants legally entering America, after screening had to take courses to prove their basic understanding of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. Then, on their day of receiving citizenship, they had to raise their right hand, face our flag and repeat!

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands. One Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.” It could not have been stated better.

Don Carlson
Chapin, SC

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