Westinghouse Electric Company presented EdVenture with a check for $6,500 in acknowledgement of EdVenture’s National Engineering Days.

The funds purchase 10 laptops and create several programs to expand STEM and coding program offerings to upper middle and high school aged students. EdVenture will work with community partners and schools to market these programs to underserved students who may not otherwise have access to this type of programming. Through these programs, students will gain not only STEM (Science Engineering Technology and Mathematics) knowledge, but creative thinking skills, problem solving, team building and digital literacy. Each program is designed around South Carolina state education standards.

“South Carolina needs more students to major and graduate in STEM fields in order to match 21st Century workforce needs,” said Karen Coltrane, president and CEO of EdVenture. “This program, supported by Westinghouse, provides hands-on exposure to these fields. It is our hope that each child who receives a computer through this program will be inspired to become lifelong learners and explorers.”

Pictured L-R: Guirong Pan, Marcie Eddy, Laura Lyons, Renee Lacy and Kristie Hardy