Open Letter

We hear a lot of chatter up in Washington about health care, tax reform, and balancing the budget. But rarely do we ever hear about the unprecedented number of judicial vacancies in our federal courts.

The President has made many nominations and now it is up to the United States Senate to approve them or vote them down. The Senate’s inability to act is concerning. As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, our senior senator, Lindsey Graham, is working to ensure that these vacancies are filled quickly with qualified and constitutionally sound judges.

There are currently 145 known judicial vacancies at the District and Circuit Court level. This is a record number, and an issue that needs to be brought to everyone’s attention. The United States Senate is failing on their obligation to hold hearings and give consent to the president’s nominees and I am hopeful Senator Graham can be a real leader to break this logjam.

I hope everyone who cares about the judicial process will encourage Senator Graham to continue to remain a strong advocate for a quick and efficient confirmation process for all of our President’s judicial nominees. We can’t allow petty politics to interfere with our judicial system.
Nathan Ballentine