Councilman Barry Walker Jr. has announced his bid for mayor of the Town of Irmo in the upcoming election on Nov. 5. Walker told a gathering of supporters at Murraywood Centre on Saturday, Aug. 17, that he would run for the office based on what he feels is the council’s lack of focus on what’s important for the town’s future.

“I want government out of your lives as much as possible,” said Walker. “We need to get our town’s government back on the things needed to build our community and not worry too much about where you park your car or how long the grass is in your yard.”

Incumbent Mayor Hardy King also filed for re-election on August 16 stating that he is not about show just about serving. His website offered that by voting for himself, and incumbents Pouliot and Waites, it will ‘keep making Irmo better’ and by voting for anyone else running for council or mayor the neighborhoods ‘will go back down.’

King and Walker are often at odds on town management and have been at the center of contentious debates throughout King’s term as mayor.