Open Letter

To the Citizens of Irmo,

Rather than “divided, we conquer,” I prefer “united, we stand.” I will always try to unite and treat our citizens with respect and courtesy. If we are truly community servants, then that should be our attitude. I have always tried to listen and respond appropriately; if re-elected, I will continue to do so.

Being married for almost 44 years and having raised my daughters, I consider myself strong, also forthright and honest. I do not fold to political pressures and I vote my conscience. When an ordinance is written that does not serve our entire community, then I vote “No.” Occasionally, these ordinances can cost our citizens significant amounts of money to implement and in some cases, are impossible to follow. This is neither fair nor honest and should be voted down. I understand that and will continue to do so.

I ask for your vote on November 7 and I promise to represent you honorably with respect for you and trust in your opinions.



Kathy Condom

Candidate for Re-election