By David Wallace

Financial Advisor

Edward Jones


The path to a comfortable retirement is a long one – and you will find “roadblocks” along the way. But by recognizing these obstacles, you can work to overcome them.

For many people, the first roadblock is an insufficient amount of investments. Contribute as much as you can afford to your 401(k) and IRA.

Here’s another roadblock: underestimating your longevity. You could spend two or three decades in retirement, so you should plan for them.

Roadblock number three: not establishing a suitable withdrawal rate from your retirement accounts. If you take out too much each year, you could run into trouble.

Another obstacle is the tendency to take Social Security too soon. If you can afford to wait until your full retirement age, which will likely be 66 or 67, your monthly checks will be much bigger than if you started accepting payments at age 62.

One final roadblock: inflation. Even during retirement, you’ll need to keep some investments with the potential to outpace the inflation rate.

By taking the steps necessary to get past these roadblocks, can help smooth your journey toward a comfortable retirement.

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