Effective October 1 customers receiving Curbside Solid Waste and Recycling Collection service from Waste Industries (WI) will see an increase in their quarterly service rate.

The current rate of $48.45 will increase to $49.05 per quarter or an increase of $0.60 per quarter. This increase is the second Waste Industries customers have experienced since the contract for this service began in 2008 and reflects a Consumer Price Increase (CPI) in expenses the industry has experienced.

The quarterly billing customers will be receiving in September, for the October through December quarter, will reflect this increase.

This increase does not affect customers that currently receive service from the County’s other collection service provider, Advanced Disposal.

Solid Waste Curbside Collection and Collection and Recycling Center information is available on the County Webpage at lex-co.sc.gov/solidwaste or call 803-755-3325.