Open Letter

Friday’s front page headlines are not news to anyone paying attention.

The “Quindom” bought and paid for the “top politicians,” Why wouldn’t they want this whole catastrophe to fade away? They have their money safely tucked away, as do all the SCANA past executives and the current executives will now get their 30 pieces of silver that are now millions.

Our Attorney General was found complicit in impeding the investigation of his “second father.” Why wouldn’t he want this scandal to end? So many cry the Republicans are to blame and certainly, they are, but James Smith would probably have been elected Governor if he had attacked Henry McMaster’s relationship with the criminal Quinns, but he was too close to them himself. No one dares ask how Steve Benjamin benefited from paying the Quinns. The Quinns covered all their bases.

I would certainly imagine that every other company and school that the Quinns colluded with are happy for us to all move on. We have been lied to and stolen from by the Base Load Act and now we reelect those that wrote it and passed it. They reap the rewards of our money paid so far and we will continue to pay for 2 more decades. Why wouldn’t our egregious “Top Politicians” cozy up to the new SCANA? Who will pay them now, if not Dominion?

Possibly the most absurd statement issued yet comes from the PSC. When asked about the possible layoffs of current employees, PSC Commissioner Justin Williams assures us that they can keep a watchful eye on Dominion. Aren’t these the same buffoons who have been paid a small fortune to keep a watchful eye on SCANA and their wonderful nuclear project for years now? I’m sure they will be watching across the table at many fancy restaurants and resorts everywhere as they get to know Dominion. How many of them lost their jobs while we ratepayers suffered?

I am a longtime Republican, but my greatest hope is that Mr. Harpootlian will keep his campaign promise and introduce a bill demanding a 5-year sentence for corruption convictions or pleas from our legislature. I can’t imagine that it will pass, but we can at least see who votes against it. I would ask that every member of the legislature to agree to stop referring to each other as “Honorable” until they can go a year without a member being indicted. Or a month, or a week?


Stuart Stout


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