Open Letter


Thanks to all who supported the petition to SC School District 5 for a facility to be named in Mr. Francis Allen’s memory.

You may recall that the district said they could not act on the request until the third year after his death. This is now. Please contact Superintendent Hefner and the School Board members to make sure they have not forgotten our request which was to be presented to the appropriate School Improvement Councils in September 2017. There has been sufficient time for such an action.

I don’t reside in Irmo but those who are in the area could visit the District office or the next board meeting January 22 at Ballentine Elementary to remind them of our commitment to see this request through. I understand that Superintendent Hefner plans to retire at the end of the school year. His letter to me dated November 7, 2014 made clear his support for this honor.

Please send this to all you know that can help make this a reality. Post on your social media accounts, call friends, family and alumni. Rep. Huggins gave a lot of attention to this request and personally met with Superintendent Hefner.

If you have rosters of IHS classmates, Union UMC members or other clubs or associations that included Mr. Allen, please contact them. There were a lot of non-alumnus who got to know Mr. Allen over the years that gave their support to our cause.

All contact information for Superintendent Hefner and Board Members can be obtained on District 5’s website.


Suzanne (Suzie) Looney Newell

Gastonia, NC