Sow the seed, and fear not the harvest

From our birth to our death, we are sowing seed; some will fall upon barren rock and fail, while others will succeed.

We should not be concerned about the seeds that fall upon barren land but put our faith in the seeds acceptable to the Great Divine Plan.

Let us sow the seeds and fear not the harvest; for faith will ensure that few will be abolished.

Some seeds we sow will never germinate; but some will come forth, and even if a bit late.

We never know when we sow or barren; how many will fall prey to the birds of the air, or the beast of the fields.

The answers to the questions we were never intended to know; but we know we are commanded to many seeds sown.

Some seeds we sow are like foot prints in the sands of time; and  we hope they were inspired by the Great Divine.

Some seeds we sow may help keep a teenager to stay off drugs and out of jail; while other seeds may have given someone the strength to move ahead and prevail.

We may have sowed seeds to help to reduce discrimination; and resort peace and harmony in a divided nation. We may sowed a seed to inspire us to help a neighbor; or to always be ready to do others a favor.

We should not be apprehensive about the seeds we sow; because the harvest is not always ours to know.

Some seeds we sow may be slow to germinate; but that should not be taken as being unfit, or too late.

Many people sow seeds that take years to come to past; while others never take the time to look in the looking glass.

So as the scriptures teach us to sow the seeds and fear not the harvest; for it will be for future generations to determine their shine and polish.


Dr. Carlos W. Gibbons,