Installing solar on your home is a big investment.

Solar Made Simple

We’ll walk you through each step to find the best solution for your needs.  Discover the benefits of your business going green. Solutions Built for You.

It’s our goal to make the process easy for you to decide on the best solution for your home’s energy needs. We’ll walk you through the options in our Free Site Evaluation and Free Quote, eliminate the options that won’t work, and provide you with a solution that you’ll be happy with. If you’re on the fence about going solar, consider some of the reasons below when making your decision:

• Drastically reduce your unpredictable electric bills

• Increase your home’s property value

• Take advantage of government incentives

• Contribute to a cleaner environment

Residential Solar Process

Follow the steps below to see how the process works. Working with you every step of the way, we’ll ensure your new system is exactly what you want and fulfills your needs.


1 – Free Site Evaluation and Free Quote

2 – System Design and Approval

3 – Financing Options

4 – Permitting

5 – Install Your System

6 – Monitor Your System with a Maintenance Package

Start saving money by reducing your unpredictable electric bills and taking advantage of solar energy for your home or business.

American-Made Quality

You want your new solar system to be a sound investment. At the core of our values is providing solar panels that are American-made; giving our customers peace of mind that their investment was not manufactured overseas. Our solar panel options include products from SolarWorld and Mission—all American companies with 25-year warranties should anything happen to your system.

Is your business looking to go solar?

Start saving your business money by reducing or even getting rid of unpredictable utility bill costs. Investing in solar for your business, whether you choose rooftop or ground mount, has benefits you can’t ignore.

Commercial Solar Benefits

Wondering why your business should go solar? Consider the reasons below:

• Drastically reduce your overhead cost
• Increase your business’s property value
• Take advantage of government rebates and incentives
• Contribute to a cleaner environment
• Promote your company as a “Green Business”


Making a Quality Commercial Solar Investment

Investments for your business need to be high quality, worth your time, and beneficial to the growth of your business. As you can see above, the benefits of commercial solar are undeniable. Not only can you save money by reducing your bills, but you can help the environment and tell everyone about it—and that’s great for business.


Have peace of mind in the fact that all panels installed by Solar Chief are American-made; ensuring your investment is worth it, and that you won’t have to pay for a broken system in a few years.


Federal Solar Tax Credit*

The Federal Government offers a Tax rebate of 30% of your total solar system cost. There is no set cap on this rebate. It must be used on the same tax year that the system was installed.


State Solar Tax Credit*

South Carolina has a state tax credit of 25% of the total cost of your solar system. This is capped at $3,500 or 50% of your tax liabilities. These tax credits can be carried out for up to 10 years.


Want to talk more about the benefits of solar? Give us a call at 803-315-7408. Or visit SolarChiefUSA