The Knights of Columbus has honored Richland County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Albert McLendon with the 2016 Outstanding Officer of the Year Award.

McLendon was honored December 21 when the Knights of Columbus held their annual awards dinner.

An example of McLendon’s work is a recent incident in which he saved a suicidal man’s life. In July, after being dispatched to a call of a distressed person attempting to jump from an overpass and onto the interstate, McLendon exemplified human compassion for the man. He spoke to the potential jumper not as a deputy but as fellow human, going so far as to tell him he could not let him jump because he loved him. While speaking and comforting the man, McLendon was also very discreetly securing him so that he could not jump and very swiftly brought him back over the guardrail to safety.

It is undeniable to say the man would have lost his life if it would not have been for the McLendon’s commitment to saving him; even though it very well meant risking his own life to save that of another.

For that act McLendon received the Sheriff’s Life Saving Award on October 12. The incident was also highly publicized as heroic not only by local media, but nationally. Yet, McLendon remains humble and simply goes about his days doing the job.

Photo: Major Kelvin Ashe and Lieutenant Albert McLendon