As your Sheriff my passion is to improve the quality of life in Richland County and make sure that all citizens are cared for. One of the best ways that I know to do this is by providing you with information that will help you, help us, reduce your chances of becoming the victim of a crime.

My recognition is a declaration and a stand that I will do everything in my power to keep you safe; it is also my way of asking for your help. My way of reminding you that the primary mission of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department is to provide diversionary programs to stop the criminal justice cycle, to prevent crime and to capture those that would terrorize our communities by victimizing you. This declaration is in conjunction with the effort by the National Crime Prevention Council to nationally dedicate a whole month to reminding citizens of the importance of preventing crime; I am asking that every citizen do 1 thing every day this month to help you protect you, your family and your home or business.

I am inviting you to celebrate Crime Prevention Awareness Month by practicing crime prevention (remember though that these efforts should be a year round priority) in return I will continue to fight crime and provide you with FREE crime prevention and training opportunities. Please take advantage of FREE business, home, church or community classes that can be taught by calling the Community Action Team at 803-309-5070 or by emailing [email protected]

The South Carolina State Fair is almost here and Crime Prevention Month is here now; with this in mind here are some safety tips for the fair and I have included best practices for daily living in this message. I urge you to be proactive, be alert, take precautions, and report suspicious activity immediately.

Please allow the Sheriff’s Department to partner with you by coming to your home or business and conducting a FREE safety analysis. We can also come to you community group, church group or business to talk about safety; or simply join a crime watch in your community and take a stand against crime.

I will be putting out weekly safety information on our social media sites during the month of October so please like us on facebook, twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr or our website or by calling us 803-309-5070. The Richland County Sheriff’s Department stands ready to assist you and will continue to have a passion for professionalism and “Building Unity in the Community”



Sheriff Leon Lott