by Al Dozier

The Irmo Town Council received an alarming report at Tuesday’s council meeting that at least 30 homes in Irmo don’t have sewer service because residents are not paying their bills.

Public Works Director Whit Cline said sewer service providers, Carolina Water Service and Richland County, block the sewer line to a customer who is not paying his bill. That causes a resident to be unable to use normal sewage disposal and face a backup.  It’s unclear how people deal with the problem but Cline said the sewage could wind up in the yard.

Such problems are often dealt with utilities that provide water and sewer by cutting off the water. That usually forces the resident to pay the pill. But in Irmo residents don’t have the same provider for water and sewer.

Councilman Julius Waites said he was told by former DHEC Director Kathryn Templeton now a candidate for governor, told him that anytime water is coming to a resident that is not paying a sewer bill it should be cut off.

Town officials are discussing the issue with DHEC and are considering ways to deal with the problem.