Spring is officially here, and SCE&G is reminding customers of measures they can take to make their homes and businesses more energy efficient this season.

“We can all do more to save energy year-round,” said Therese Griffin, manager of SCE&G’s demand side management and energy efficiency programs. “As customers begin their spring cleaning, we want to remind them of the steps they can take to realize energy savings. Small changes, like switching to LED light bulbs, can make a difference.”

In preparation for the warmer months ahead, SCE&G is reminding all customers of tips they can use to manage energy costs:

If you have a gas water heater, turn it to “vacation mode” when away for several days.

Keep HVAC vents and interior doors open to keep air flowing freely to and from the unit.

Have central heating and cooling systems professionally serviced annually.

Set water heaters to 120°F and visually inspect them occasionally for leaks.

Unplug appliances, lights, TVs, computers, etc. when not in use.

Caulk, seal, and weather-strip around all seams, cracks and openings to protect against drafts. Be sure to caulk and weather strip all exterior doors and windows to keep the conditioned air in your living space.

SCE&G has launched a new offer on energy efficient light bulbs. Customers can visit the company’s online EnergyWise Savings Store and receive $1 LED bulbs on any combination of their three top selling ENERGY STAR-certified bulbs and get free shipping when you purchase 15 bulbs.

The company also encourages its residential customers to recycle secondary refrigerators or freezers, offering $50 cash back and free pickup as incentives. More than 4,000 refrigerators and freezers have been recycled since 2014. For more information on SCE&G’s appliance recycling program, visit: www.sceg.com/recycle.

SCE&G customers can also use the company’s free Home Energy Check-up and other tools to improve their home energy efficiency this spring and year-round. More energy efficiency tips and offers can be found by visiting www.sceg.com/energywise. Follow SCE&G on Twitter [email protected] on Facebook at www.facebook.com/scegnews for the latest energy efficiency offers and tips.