Chip Huggins

Education Reform


The House has made significant, transparent and meaningful strides to reform South Carolina’s education delivery system.  The Education Task Force has worked diligently and has created an atmosphere where school superintendents, elected officials, business leaders and representatives from school districts could gather together to hold an open dialogue and discuss ideas for real reform.  The Task Force’s impressive suggestions will transform public education in our state and give every child the opportunity to succeed.  Governor Haley has chosen to join this conversation.  


Ethics Reform


Members of the South Carolina House of Representatives has worked tirelessly last year to pass comprehensive ethics reform.  We reformed our campaign finance laws, created an independent investigation to look into alleged wrongdoing and banned political action committees.  The House has sent the Senate twelve individual bills and then bundled our legislation into an omnibus package to encourage Senate consideration.  Unfortunately, our efforts have been ignored and our bills idly sit in the bottom of an empty Senate desk drawer.




The South Carolina House of Representatives announced that the House plans to furlough the weeks of February 15th, 2016, March 28th and April 4th.


The House of Representatives is committed to using our time in Columbia efficiently and purposefully.  Throughout the years, the House has repeatedly expressed a need to shorten the number of days we spend in Columbia as a way to save money.  To show our commitment to this cause, we plan to take these weeks off to save taxpayers approximately $77,000 each week.  


Rep. Chip Huggins represents District 85, serving the Chapin/Irmo areas, in the SC House of Representatives.