Irmo High School International School for the Arts graduate Sara Butch achieved perfect attendance throughout her entire academic career and has been recognized by State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman and the South Carolina Department of Education.

“It means the world to me to be recognized by the State Department of Education, this is an honor that will accompany me throughout my whole life,” Butch said. “I was able to achieve perfect attendance due to my commitment to education and hard work. I have proven that I am stronger than any circumstances which might have prevented me from coming to school or that hinders the way to my academic career. Having a great mother and attending a friendly school environment with a proud school principal and the care of School District Five are the reasons behind my perfect attendance and academic achievement.”

Butch was the only student in School District Five and one of 37 statewide to achieve this honor.

Schools and districts report the names of students who have not missed a single day of class to the South Carolina Department of Education for verification and recognition. Students receive a letter from Superintendent Molly Spearman and a certificate from the state honoring their achievement. Due to statewide mandated COVID-19 school facility closures, perfect attendance for 2019-2020 was adjusted to represent graduating seniors who had perfect attendance from first grade through March 13.

“Twelve years of perfect attendance is an accomplishment that very few seniors in our state achieve,” said State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman. “I commend these students for their hard work and dedication and look forward to their future success.”

Butch is planning on attending the University of South Carolina in the fall to study biology and hopes to work in the medical field.