Dear Editor

I reference Formal Complaint Response in the New Irmo News dated 24th July 2017 by Hardy King.

As there has been no response to the question I asked, in the absence of clarification, I am once again forced to comment on Mayor King’s self-confessed ‘digressions’ based on my understanding of what appears to be a hate letter.

Of course this is political and whether or not it’s small minded is a matter of opinion, especially in light of the fact that Mayor King avoided answering some pertinent questions in this matter.  In the end, by his own admission, he gets to hang his election posters on this building where some may not. Whether or not he defended his right legally/morally or not is what matters.

In order to put the small mindedness aside once and for all, I suggest the court session clip in question be placed online for people to make that determination for themselves based on real evidence, instead of ‘going over some history’. Proper evidence will certainly eliminate any further need to burden citizens with more lies, postulating and a magnificent ego.

It appears that all Mayor King has in his defense in this matter is a need to shame someone to cover up his own insecurities and alleged misdemeanor which is CURRENT, not history and divert attention elsewhere. Mayor King recently told me that I was hate-filled and … I forget what else. It was again probably something else equally derogatory. On some other link on New Irmo News he has even taken a shot at sexual harassment. All because I dare to ask questions or comment on issues from a different point of view.

I know of some who have been approached by Mayor King to run for office in the past and caution those currently in his sights. Be sure to check under that shiny bumper 😉

Mayor King spoke of history. I wish to speak of the future. The Mr. Dula situation aside, Council’s last meeting was on 7/18 and the parking ordinance was made law. This means that, legally, no-one is allowed to park in their front yards anymore. In February 2018 residents will be fined for parking in their own front yards, all in the name of property values and the ‘fight the blight’ vendetta. Of course this is all decided upon with Liberty and Justice for all in mind.

However, the Friday evening of that same week (7/21) Mayor King’s driveway was full with 4 parked cars … and one parked on his front grass. The following day there was nearly a collision outside his home due to a vehicle parked in the street near the stop sign that obstructed vision from his driveway and from the street into his driveway.

Pretty soon we will have the streets littered with parked cars and trash cans curbside most days of the week. Purely from the stance of recent ordinances, I do not see how this progression is going to enhance property values or support the ‘fight the blight’ drive currently under way.


Leslie Boland

Another concerned citizen of the HOA of Irmo