Irmo was subjected to extensive changes the past 4 years, mostly due to the council majority running as a pack. King’s choice of wording is interesting.

Due to lack of diversity, integrity and objectivity, Irmo citizens have been denied input that could’ve balanced out extreme measures that became law – laws that many citizens protested, but were passed nonetheless.

No-one has advocated for living in a trashy or lawless town, but this is promoted by the “my way or the highway” majority when opposed.

Ordinance changes:

Civil charges to criminal charges: Irmo moved from the lien system which is still successfully employed by surrounding towns and the change results in hefty fines of almost $1100, a criminal record and/or jail time.

  • Derelict Properties: Citizens face either a criminal record, $1100 fine or incarceration for broken windows, shutters or gutters.
  • Many chose not to live in a HOA community, yet the pack brought the HOA to Irmo. Deserved or not, citizens were jailed for grass/weeds taller than 8″.
  • Yard Parking – Waites’ agenda: It’s illegal to park in your own yard. No council member is personally affected by this law. Attention wasn’t paid to impracticalities or even the fact that street parking was illegal at the time yard parking was banned. Citizens pay council for the legal right to yard park in council-approved parking pads, yet there is no evidence that they’ve prevented soil erosion or increased property values. You can be jailed for parking in your front yard.
  • Many are forced to street park, turning streets into dangerous parking lots where vehicles are easier pickings for thieves.

Abatement notices are issued once a year for each infraction, whereafter you are automatically fined or incarcerated.


The pack are above the law.

  • Federal Law: After trampling everyday citizens’ rights, they assumed they could do the same to disabled citizens. Irmo is now being sued by the United States Department of Justice.
  • State Law: SC Concealed Weapons Permit or not, carrying firearms in Irmo is illegal.

Referendum questions:

  • Taxation for Park Events: Many community events like Truck or Treat / Easter Egg Hunt are organized and funded by a core group of residents.
  • Organizers are willing to work around quorum requirements, yet King, Waites and Pouliot never attend these functions.
  • However you vote, Council isn’t obliged to do anything with the results – Why raise taxes? Better yet why put the tax items on the referendum at all? Election fodder?

Public humiliation:

  • Nationally: King’s inappropriate comments about another religious group;
  • Locally: Pouliot referencing constituents as “Rednecks” and “Slummy”.

King, Waites and Pouliot are running as a pack for re-election. It’s time for diversity and new/young blood in Irmo. Worthy of your consideration are:


Mayor : Barry Walker Sr or Mike Ward (Select one).

Council: Erik Sickinger, Dan Newbanks or Kelly Busch (Select two).

Your vote counts – Vote for change in Irmo on 5 November.

Leslie Boland