Poem by Dr. Carlos W. Gibbons

Carlos Gibbons, a former state superintendent of education, sends his daughter, Leeza Gibbons, a handwritten poem every day. Leeza cherishes these poems, making books out of her father’s work.

Our Military Might

Everyday you hear someone or some group referring to our military might,

and how important it is for us to be ready to fight.

Some think we should spend more on national defense, but we’re already spending like we have no sense.

We’re spending more on defense than the twelve largest nations in the world all put together;

so it’a difficult to understand if we should ever, ever be concerned about the ability of our military to keep us safe, when we have so many other pressing problems that we need to face.

Politicians vote for military pork money to keep a military base open that for years has been outdated, and with today’s military technology is totally unrelated.

The Pentagon has told the Congress to stop spending money on obsolete planes, but the Congress keeps on spending and the Treasury drains.

The next war will not be fought with tanks, foot soldiers, ships, conventional outdates planes or guns, but the a few well placed unclear bombs.

It’s kind of folly of us to have military troops in 92 countries throughout the world, just thinking about it makes me angry and my toe nails to curl.

Our Congress is still thinking in the horse and buggy days, and how they can get re-elected and keep the voters in a daze.

We think we are the caretakers and nations builders for all mankind; and to cut off foreign aid or stop world intervention would be unkind.

It’s about time we started worrying about our needs here at home, and to leave the concerns of other nations alone. We elect people to Congress every day, that violate what the people have to say. An example right now is the 91% of the American people want a background gun check to become a law, when radicals in Congress and the NRA, are shredding the bill to slaw.

They are so screwed up in understanding the Second Amendment; and are convincing scores of uneducated people to defend it. The military at the present time is still our friend, but unharnessed power could bring Democracy to an end.

Carlos W. Gibbons