Bo Davenport, with Lexington County Emergency Preparedness, spoke August 24 to St. Andrews Optimists.

Davenport shared what the Department learned during and after the 2015 flood. One major undertaking was the remapping of flood plains to reflect the areas that were inundated that had not previously been identified. He reported residents were not ready for the extent of the flooding, and they particularly were not prepared for the dramatic speed of the event.

Davenport said area residents should be prepared to sustain themselves and their loved ones for two to three days with little or no relief coming from the outside. What exacerbates all this is the rapid growth of Lexington County and the challenge of keeping pace with that growth.

Pictured: Bo Davenport receives a copy of the Optimist Creed from President Jeremiah Davis. Speaker host Jay Downs is pictured on the right.