The year was maybe 2001 and I was the president of my neighborhood association. April Simun was a writer for the State Newspaper, and she was interviewing me for an article and having a picture made of me to go into the Neighbors section of the paper.

I was standing next to the Coatesworth sign at the corners of Depford and Fork Avenue. I was holding a book of ordinances from the Town of Irmo. The enforcement of the codes was the topic of the article that she was going to write. Her article was about older neighborhoods that were struggling to maintain their property values, because most of these older neighborhoods did not have restrictive covenants or mandatory dues to be paid to the individual Homeowners Associations.

I found myself at Town Hall appealing to John Gibbons (the Mayor at the time) pleading with him and the council members to get the codes enforced to help our little neighborhood of 216 houses. We had a strong homeowners association at that time and neighbors helped neighbors here in Coatesworth. It was a safer place then.

Now with that in mind, here it is 2018 and a third reading of the parking ordinance #1726 or 6.4 is ready to be done. One thing about that is Kathy Condom did tell me in my living room that she is not in favor of front yard parking but is concerned about where people can park when folks have more cars than parking space. Moving on, please research that ordinance so that you know what it says. If 1726 does not pass at 3rd reading, then the existing ordinance will be in effect. That would be 1718. If that happens, then all vehicles that are parked in the front yards will be ticketed. So before anyone goes to Town Hall and demands that 3rd reading does not take place, know what you are talking about.

I would like to go into the ordinance dealing with street parking, since it is not illegal to park on the street. It is subjective as to restricting the flow of traffic. Just come and look at our streets in Coatesworth. I have complained about the street parking here for 20 years. I do not have the time to get into that in depth.

In closing, let me say that I know that my neighborhood has a responsibility to try to organize a homeowner’s organization like we have had in the past, so that neighbors can know each other and promote good will. I am trying to get it together, and others are working toward that. In the meantime, I want my neighborhood to be safe, friendly, and attractive. I want new home buyers who come to this area to be interested in buying here. I feel that the Town has a duty to me and my neighborhood to see this happens for us.


Elizabeth Keller

Coatesworth, Irmo