Dear Editor:

We as a nation are now at a “No Turning Back” tipping point. Lib/Dems are telling all of us that our only hope for a brighter future is through “Socialism”. On the other hand, President Trump and Conservative Republicans explain that only through Conservatism can we actually assure a financial future for all of our citizens. This including our future generations as well.

Here you have it. Socialism is painted as a utopian society where by your every need is provided to you by a benevolent, faceless bureaucrat in Washington, DC. Conservatives have realized for years that YOU are in the best position to recognize what you and your family requires in order to have meaningful pleasant lives. So where does Socialism fall apart? As an example, Congress could realize that Americans need better, cost effective Health Care. Hence, they pass the “Improve everyone’s health care” act. Once signed into law, the new law is issued to all Federal Agencies that have anything to do with YOUR health care. They in turn create new levels of enabling regulations and create new Bureaucratic organizations to bring this utopian life to you and your family.

Big question- Does Socialism ever work in the real world? It never has. In fact, over 12 million people worldwide have been starved to death or executed trying to make Socialism work. A classic example is the VA (Veterans Administration) since its’ real start in 1945, its been a total failure for veterans (of which I am one). Since 2001, the VA has had 7 Secretaries in charge. Their budget has gone from $45 Billion in 2001 to $209 Billion this year. The VA has 366,000 employees which is twice as many as other civilian government office.

Only recently has the VA been improved. President Trump ordered that any VA person, from top to bottom can be fired for failure to do their job. Guess what, moral is improving and head count is going down. Hopefully, Vets having to wait for months for care will stop and Vets will no longer be buried in the wrong cemeteries.

So, how does this vastly differ from Conservatism? Conservatism recognizes that all people are different. Everyone has the opportunity to work hard and advance or just sit in a chair and watch the world go by. But, it’s a decision YOU make. It’s a simple fact that when government tries to “Provide for All”, their programs must be tailored to lowest common denominator of us all. I remember hearing a song in 1938. It went, “Sit on you A–, light up a Camel cause this is the promise land”. So now, it’s your turn to select which type of government you wish, Liberal Terrorism or Conservative Freedom. The choice is yours.

Donald W. Carlson

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