Dr. Hefner, Superintendent thinks Amicks Ferry road is a good site for an elementary school, however there are too many questions that still remain unanswered.

In 2006, District 5 falsely projected the growth would bring in more than 9,600 new students, and they needed to build schools for the predicted growth.

In a 2008 bond referendum, tax paying citizens voted for the building of an new elementary school and for other needed improvements. The flyer for the referendum, the District said the consequences of not building a elementary school, would be year round classes for elementary schools, because they were “all at capacity.” With referendum money, 47 acres was purchased on Mt. Vernon Church Road. for an elementary school, which has never been built.

It is 2017, and the predictions of year round school never materialized. Was that a scare tactic used to get voters to buy into a referendum? Now the district is saying they need a new elementary school on Amicks Ferry road because the other schools are overcrowded. The existing schools were built for expansion from 750-900 students to avoid the cost of building and the maintaining a school. No enrollment study has been done, nor talks about of utilizing classroom space in current schools, or expansion of schools, which were constructed for that express purpose

Since the SCDOT 2015 traffic count says 8,700 cars travel this road daily, and safety is an issue. If a school is built the drive from the end of Amicks Ferry Road could be longer than 30 minutes at high traffic times. There are also EMS and Fire services concerns with the increased traffic. The District has not done a high traffic study to see if this is a safe place for a school. How much really has District 5’s enrollment grown in 10 years? Only grew 184 students according to the 45-day enrollment statistics, which can be found online.

If new school is built on Amicks ferry road, will the district do a massive rezoning of elementary students, to fill this school and “relieve the overcrowding?”

Is it safe to trust a school district with your tax money when they have not done their own homework about these important issues.


Liesha Huffstetler