Kim Murphy has announced her campaign to return to District Five’s School Board in the Richland County portion against Robert Gantt, who is seeking a fifth term. Murphy, a married mother of three daughters who graduated from District Five, is anxious to return after what she believes was an unjust removal from the board in the middle of her term in 2013.

“Their assertion that I was not a Richland County resident was wrong and that is why I was able to file for the seat with the Richland Election Commission. I am a resident and have been since 2000. I believe I was wrongly removed because I stood up to the board on key issues. Thousands of people who entrusted me with their votes were also disenfranchised. They lost their voice. I am ready to get back and work for the students, teachers and taxpayers.”

Murphy, who has served as a volunteer in the District and surrounding community for 16 years, said that upon returning to the board, she will make openness an immediate priority.

“If elected, during the first meeting I will once again propose livestreaming – bring the board meetings to the public. Parents and taxpayers deserve to know how important decisions are made regarding their children’s education and how their hard-earned tax dollars are spent. I want you to have a voice.”

Murphy believes her background in accounting, time spent as an investigative citizen reporter for the SC Policy Council and an attendance record better than the elected trustees will give District Five much-needed oversight and guard against procurement violations.

“With a $174 million operational budget and millions upon millions disbursed to contractors for new school construction and other capital expenditures, my accounting and research abilities will help assure policies are followed and monies are spent responsibly and solely for educational purposes.”

Although Murphy believes that the community is fortunate to have a premier school district, improvements can always be made.

“We have amazing teachers, staff and students, but that shouldn’t keep us from addressing the things that have held us back. I will be outlining those critical issues at”

Murphy knows the campaign will be spirited and she is looking forward to an honest dialogue on the issues.

“I’ve been through this before and I know that it can be rough, but I am ready to tackle the challenges ahead and work together to make our district the best it can be. I welcome your questions and I would appreciate your support.”