On behalf of the Irmo Town Council, I would like to address a few statements that have been made relating to an ongoing lawsuit filed by DOJ on 11/16/18.

First, our Town Staff has done nothing improper or illegal concerning the zoning request in this particular matter.  Reasonable options were offered in compliance with ADA.

Second, the Town’s Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) followed South Carolina State Law relating to the decision to deny the variance request and has done nothing illegal, regardless of what some people have said.

Third, South Carolina State Law does not allow a Town Council to overrule a decision made by the ZBA.  The decision must be appealed to the South Carolina Circuit Court allowing the judge to overrule if they deem necessary.  Irmo Town Council has abided by this State Law, and therefore, has done nothing illegal or improper.

Fourth, this matter was investigated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for over a year before they sent it to DOJ.

The Town of Irmo wants the public to know that no one with the Town did anything illegal or improper and will continue to offer excellent service to all of our residents.

Mayor Hardy King

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