Mayor Hardy King stated, in an interview with The State newspaper this week, that the first thing he wanted to do, if re-elected, was to remove Councilman Barry A. Walker, Sr. from the town council. King and Walker are often at odds at council meetings sometimes becoming confrontational. However, Walker is running from a safe seat with 2 years left on his term as councilman. Walker is challenging King for the mayor’s seat and has been on council for 15 years. He’s campaigning on building better relationships by listening to the citizens of Irmo and with gaining respect from other municipalities.

With the election on Nov. 5, the voters in the Town of Irmo will have an opportunity to affect policy and bring change to the town by choosing a mayor and two council members.

Newcomer Mike Ward and Councilman Barry Walker, Sr. will challenge incumbent Hardy King for mayor while Kelly Busch, Eric Sickinger and Dan Newbanks seek at-large council seats against incumbents Julius Waites and Mark Pouliot.

Ward wants more growth and changes to certain ordinances including front yard parking.

King, Waites and Pouliot are running as teammates according to a recent political mailing that was mostly centered on attacking Walker. In the piece, King talks about how he, Waites and Pouliot have been working together saying that “I need them, you need them. Irmo needs them.” King most often has his way in council meetings because Pouliot and Waites rarely, if ever, vote against him on town issues.

Pouliot allegedly threatened candidate Dan Newbanks in an attempt to make him resign from his campaign. In a lengthy video, published on the Citizens of the Town of Irmo Facebook page, Newbanks told about his encounter with Pouliot and what transpired. He also came under fire for a comment made during a regular council meeting where he called parts of New Friarsgate ‘slummy’ and for suggesting the residents were ‘rednecks’. Both Waites and Pouliot are seeking second terms on the council.