Mr. Pat Donlon has the benefit of living in a nice neighborhood that is kept clean and nice due to the HOA rules, regulations, and enforcement. He also moved into his neighborhood accepting those regulations. But not all of our neighborhoods are well kept like they used to be, and yes, long-time residents have had enough. Some have already moved out, some are trying to sell but the home will not bring price-wise due to the blight, foreclosures, and other unkept homes in the area.

So yes, Council is responding to this issue, finally. We are going over our ordinances and rewriting to make them enforceable and clear for residents to understand, and therefore, adhere to. Yes, Mr. Donlon and a few, believe we are overstepping, but we are not. We are very cautious and considerate of property rights. All rights require every individual to also act responsibly and be considerate of others that could be affected by their actions (i.e. loud music, speeding, front yard nudity), you get the picture.

Clarence Thomas spoke at Hillsdale College’s 164th Commencement Ceremony and said, “In a broader context, we are obligated in our neighborhood to be good neighbors so that the neighborhood would thrive. Whether there was to be a clean, thriving neighborhood was directly connected to our efforts. So there was always, to our way of thinking, a connection between the things we valued most and our personal obligations or efforts. There could be no freedom without each of us discharging our responsibilities. When we heard the words duty, honor, and country, no more needed to be said. But that is a bygone era. Today, we rarely hear of our personal responsibilities in discussions of broad notions such as freedom or liberty. It is as though freedom and liberty exist wholly independent of anything we do, as if they are predestined.”

They are not. Freedoms, nor rights, come without responsibility, and when citizens harp their rights and forget their responsibility, your elected citizens have a responsibility to act. We are, we will, continue to work to make every neighborhood in Irmo the sought after place it used to be.

If we are a bedroom-community, then we need to keep our bedrooms, our homes if you will, the best-looking in this area. If you are a neighbor, you need to do your part. Keep your home looking great, and help your neighbor do so as well.


Hardy King

Irmo’s Mayor