By Al Dozier


Lucky’s Burger Shack took an unusual step this past weekend of cancelling NFL Sunday football viewing for its patrons as a protest against players refusing to honor the national anthem.


But it didn’t cost the Irmo restaurant any customers.

“Actually, business picked up,” said restaurant spokeswoman Cheryl Gunter. “We had more business than usual, some coming from as far away as Elgin and Blythewood.”

Many patrons agreed with the restaurant’s stance, which was posted on their road sign. It said it was canceling the NFL Sunday package, adding “United We Stand.”

Gunter said her business wasn’t trying to get a lot of attention.

“We didn’t do it for publicity,” she said

The restaurant issued a public statement saying there are many other issues across the country that need to be addressed and that the decision by NFL players to kneel has created a “media frenzy” that fans fires of discontent.

Two other restaurants, Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House in Greenville, have also cancelled NFL games.

Protests spread among hundreds of NFL players after President Donald Trump told supporters in September that owners should fire players who kneel during the anthem. Trump’s words heightened the movement originally started by former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick over his view of police mistreatment of black men.