Picture Media Group of Columbia has announced the South Carolina Red Carpet Premiere for their feature film Shenanigans.

The premiere will be held May 31 from 7 – 9:30 pm at Spotlight Cinemas at 527 St. Andrews Road, Columbia. The owner of the theater has reserved all of the auditoriums to simultaneously play the film during the premiere.

South Carolina Hollywood accredited producer Andrew Gajadhar, p.g.a., of previous successful feature What Matters, produced the feature film with business partner Faith Creech as a way to give opportunities for youth actors and local businesses to have economic progression and advancement in the film industry.

Among some of these businesses are local artists such as Lauryn Hopson, a full-time student at the University of South Carolina who illustrated a comic/coloring book for the film, and Gerard “Kid Lefty” Washington, a local artist who painted a one-of-a-kind painting for the film that will be auctioned off at the premiere to support his business. The film was produced in Columbia, Greenville, the Town of Blythewood and surrounding areas from July 29 through August 14 in 2018. In conjunction with the Town of Blythewood, the production encouraged local support and involvement with the project by way of casting extras and bringing attention to local businesses. It is also a SAG-AFTRA union film.

Written and directed by Gajadhar, this film is a fun family film that has the feel of known classic films such as The Sandlot, The Goonies, and The Little Rascals wrapped up in one. It follows a young boy and his best friends as they try to come up with quick ways to make money in order to replace a diamond from his father’s football championship ring that they accidentally damaged before he returns from a trip of teaching a youth football camp over an extended weekend during the summer. Armed with less than a decade of knowledge in life, the shenanigans they come up with only take them so far until reality sets in and they learn a valuable lesson to make the right decision.

This comedy stars Dominic Gajadhar (What Matters), Brendan Grayson (What Matters), Ty- Keem Sadler (What Matters), and introduces JT Underwood, Blake Reddick Jr., Mason Gillett, Salome Gajadhar, Marlie Duarte, Emilie Milone, Camerron Niewoehner, Arian Thigpen, Alec James, Jessie Hill, and Mary Peyton Stewart.

“Our children are there every step of the way in our careers and have, not only supported us in our endeavors, but they have been learning and yearning for their chance to show the industry that they have a lot to offer in front of and behind the cameras,” said Writer and Director Andrew Gajadhar.

Picture Media Group is a production company actively involved in the film community of the Carolinas and has been involved with many different productions, to include Alienography, a Sci-Fi thriller filmed primarily in Newberry, written by Michael Tolbert, who is also one of the lead characters in the film, and What Matters, an drama filmed primarily in Columbia, written and co-produced by Andrew Gajadhar, p.g.a. and also the recipient of three awards at the Rising Star Academy Awards in Philadelphia, PA.

For more information about the film, and to see the trailer, go to www.shenanigansthemovie.com.

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