Letter to the Editor: by Don Carlson

Remember the old phrase: “Living in a Fools Paradise!”  Unfortunately, that’s exactly where many American’s are today.  As we speak, America as a country is marching in unison toward a “Financial Cliff”.  The Federal Social Security  Administration just announced that Social Security spending will exceed Revenue next year. (2020).  From 2020 on, this yearly shortfall will be covered by the Trust Fund set up to cover both Social Security and basic Medicare payments.  However, even this “safety net”  of supplemental funding will be totally depleted be 2035.  At this point in time, Social Security and Medicare members will have the funding for these two programs reduced by 25% to 30%.  Just think for a moment, how would you and your family get by with a  1/4 to 1/3 monthly cut in your social security and Medicare payments!  Note, Medicare disability payment won’t be totally broke until 2052.

Now for the really bad news, “Medicade”  when approved by Congress, was “Never” funded as such.  Its costs, since its beginning, have just been added to the yearly increase of the Federal Deficit.  The really big issue for you and your family, is “How will your children and grandchildren survive in this negative cash flow world?

But fear not, Because here comes the Lib/Dem financial marching band with promises of Medicare for All,  Free college for All and No 2nd Amendment Rights for All.  Plus a general grab bag of other free stuff, including a free monthly check from the government regardless of whether you are working or not!

But, here’s what the Lib/Dem’s won’t talk about- just how will they incrementally pay for all to this?  Our country’s basic financial facts are these;  Our basic Federal budget is $3.4 trillion dollars and our yearly Federal deficit is almost $1.0 trillion.  When you add in all the Lib/Dem “Free stuff”, the obvious fact is that as a country we will shortly be bankrupt.  If we’re to survive as a country, we first have to accept the fact the Socialism has never worked,  while basically enslaving all of its citizens.  Yet, all you get from Lib/Dem’s is, “All we need is “Comprehensive Tax Reform”.  Is this the future you wish for!!

Don Carlson

May 1,2019


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