Open Letter by Don Carlson

Dear Editor,

The Lib/Dems have finally done it. They demand that we obviate the basic tenants of America’s constitution. First, they demand that our Constitution be a ”Living Document.” They absolutely refuse to acknowledge that our present Constitution has in fact been amended 27 times since its inception in 1776. The latest amendment being ratified by Congress on May 7, 1992.

However, the Lib/Dems want to be totally free to change our constitution at will with no citizen input, either for or against their wishes. This is a classic case of Lib/Dem élite legislators demanding to be free to change the specifics of constitutional language as they desire. Why this presumption? They feel that only Lib/Dems understand how America should be operated and, we the people would merrily muck it up if we had any voice in its specifics. All of this Lib/Dem conflict started with then President Teddy Roosevelt, followed by Woodrow Wilson and culminating with F.D.R. in 1933. It was in FDR’s first two terms that the Lib/Dem elites really tried to emasculate our constitution. How– by adding a never endless list of left wing bureaucratic government agencies to establish every aspect of American life. So by 1938, America was in a recession as bad as it had been in 1933.

Over the ensuing years, Lib/Dem elites never once gave up the fight for complete government control of our lives. A classic case of this is “Packing the Supreme Court”. This is one of the Lib/Dem ‘s major objectives today. The problem with all of this is –Who are the “Lib/Dem leaders who have the objective wisdom to do this?” In fact, every time this has been tried in the past, our country’s economy falls back into a recession. Throughout history, every time this thinly veiled approach to Socialism is tried, it “ALWAYS” fails, with the “Proletariat” being the true losers.

In fact, when you read all of the Lib/Dem purported new “ideas”, they are all encumbered with the same old Socialistic path to failure. And, that again would be just another cause to “NEVER” allow any form of Lib/Dem Government Control.

And, if you don’t believe this could happen, just look at what Lib/Dems have done to education in this country. Getting a BA degree now won’t even get you a free lunch. I will say that our Lex/Richland District 5 has yet to fall for the new Lib/Dem educational cry of “We will go back to teaching the 3 R’s after we have inculcated all students with Social Justice and the Green New Deal”.

Don Carlson


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