Letter to the Editor:

We all know on Dec.7, 1941 that America had been directly attacked by Japan, whose prime objective was to destroy us as a country.  Today, we are being attacked by an even more sinister enemy, “The National Democrat Party”.  “Wait” you say, “How can this be when after 8 years of Obama”.  American society finally has the following,  the lowest unemployment rate ever, the greatest number of Americans working ever, Minority employment rate has doubled, far fewer people depend on food stamps than ever and family income is at an all time high”.

Yet, the National Democrat party, so obtusely led by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi loudly proclaim, that America is in a crisis of monumental proportions. (We’re doing better economically as a nation than ever).  They state that America can only be saved by total Democrat take over).  This is based on totally free health for all (including all illegal immigrants) or Socialized medicine.  Note, why do so many Canadians, with serious health problems, come to America for Real Health Care!

 Also, our latest Democrat Congress woman from New York has several “fixes” for America.  Raise top tax rates to 77%, stop all oil production by 2025 and rely totally on “wind and solar” for all of America’s electrical needs.  Note, as of right now, wind and solar account for 5% of all of our electricity.  Also, the new Michigan Democrat Congresswoman, the one who yelled in a reception,” impeach MF Trump”, yet while in the Michigan Legislature voters 10 times for $1,031 billion of state funds for “giveaways” from Michigan tax payers to subsidies for more batteries for electric cars.  Note, GM just announced that they are dropping the Chevy Volt, their most widely proclaimed “Electric Car of the Future”.

Yes, America does face a Health Care crisis.  The problems source is massive inflow of illegal drugs across the Mexican/US border. 90% of all heron comes here this way as does 97% of all illegal drugs.  But not to fear, Schumer and Pelosi say this is not a real significant problem.  Yet, here’s what they won’t admit about the drug issue.  Over the last 18 years, the suicide rate has grown by 33% from an all time low in 1999.  Over the last decade, deaths from drug overdose rose by 3%/yr until 2015, when the suicide rate rose to 16%/yr. in 2017, this is from 22 % by overdoes and 14% by suicide. Schumer and Pelosi say “This is not a real problem”.  How big a problem to you would it be if any of these needless deaths were your son or daughter!

But, here’s the real epitome of this issue!  The obvious solution to this whole issue is to stop the drug flow into America.  How, by sealing of the border to block drugs and illegal immigrates. So what do Democrats and the total left wing news media do, they continue to invent new insults, such as calling the whole thing a TRUMP MANUFACTURED CRISES!

Don Carlson—Chapin- 1/16/2018

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