Free Online COVID-19 Screenings (all use promo code “COVID19”)
Prisma Health –
McLeod Health –
Roper St. Francis –
Self Regional Hospital is offering a COVID-19 Screening Line open M-F 9a to 5p – (864) 725-4200
SC EMD (links to different areas of government and their efforts)
SC DHHS (all bulletins can be found at this link)
Department on Aging (scroll down on their home page to find their list of resources)
South Carolina Hospital Association (all hospital-related updates)
MUSC Health
Department of Mental Health (list of resources is at top of their home page)
Vocational Rehabilitation Department
PEBA (in addition to sending information via email to employees, retirees, and employers as needed)
Refilling prescriptions through State Health Plan:
State Health Plan and COVID-19:
Express Scripts:
Department of Disabilities and Special Needs
Department of Education
Commission on Higher Education (contains links to response efforts from all public and private institutions, technical colleges, as well as information on VA guidance for school closures)
Secretary of State’s Office for UCC, Business Entity Filings, Charities, Professional Fundraisers and Solicitors, and Raffle filings online as well as additional resources on how to mail in other filings
Court System
Department of Natural Resources (cancellations, closures, and postponements)
Election Commission
Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
Department of Insurance
Department of Consumer Affairs (financial protection during the pandemic)
Human Affairs Commission
Due to the national and state declared emergency, the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission is requesting that individuals complete all paperwork electronically. Please call with questions at (803) 737-7800.
Commission for Minority Affairs
Department of Motor Vehicles
No road tests will be conducted at #SCDMV branches between March 19, 2020 and April 3, 2020. Saturday branch hours will resume in July 2020.
Public Service Commission (virtual public hearing details)
Department of Employment and Workforce
Small Business Association – disaster assistance loans of up to $2 million for affected businesses
US Chamber of Commerce – a great one-stop shop of tips for employers and employees 
US Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Response Toolkit
Article on HR. 6201 (Paid Leave) and what it may mean for employers
FMLA information from Dept. of Labor
Virtual Business Operation Center (SCEMD) (Department of Commerce has a team working this issue with EMD that can be reached with questions at [email protected])
Information on avoiding Coronavirus scams from FTC
Criminal Justice
Department of Public Safety
Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services (COVID-19 notice on home page)
Department of Corrections
Department of Juvenile Justice (visitation suspension notice is at the top of their home page)

Yesterday, March 19, 2020, the House was recalled from a week of furlough to pass the following in response to the COVID-19 Virus.
H. 4014Appropriates $45 million from the Contingency Reserve Fund to the Executive Budget Office for use by DHEC:Staffing ($14,598,760): DHEC needs additional staffing to support COVID-19 disease surveillance and contact investigation, laboratory testing, and information phone lines.Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ($14,806,800): PPE for DHEC’s healthcare workers to prevent spread of infection.Staff Support ($5,282,420): Operating costs such as technology, lab supplies and reagents, travel, and facility cleaning.Education Campaign ($2,500,000): Support for TV/Radio airtime and printed materials.Quarantine ($1,703,580): Cost to quarantine and support indigent patients.Transportation ($1,394,958): Cost to courier lab samples and distribution of items from the Strategic National Stockpile.Contingency ($5,000,000): We have built in about 10% for unanticipated costs or changing assumptions based on disease spread.It instructs DHEC to establish a COVID-19 Response Account that could be added to in the future.Requires EBO to provide the General Assembly a detailed accounting of the expenditure of all funds appropriated from the account and post it on their website.Allows DHEC to continue to expend funds from other sources for COVID-19.Authorizes DHEC to reallocate supplies and employees to meet the demands of hospitals and other medical providers who receive Medicaid or other state funds where COVID-19 infections are concentrated until 30 days after the state of emergency is lifted.Exempts state retirees from SCRS and PORS from the earnings cap limitations if they are hired as part of the state’s response to COVID-19. This provision expires September 1, 2020.

Representative Chip Huggins District 85 Serving Chapin and Irmo District 85 Serving Chapin and Irmo

Thank you for allowing me to serve you in the South Carolina House of Representatives and please feel free to contact me via email at [email protected] or my 24-hour phone line at 331-8468.