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Making the right steps towards education reform

The first public hearing for the comprehensive education reform bill was held on Wednesday. Speaker Jay Lucas began the hearing by explaining that the bill is a starting point and asked for the public’s input to fine-tune this important legislation. The K-12 education subcommittee listened to compelling testimony from county officials, teachers and parents across the state to find ways to incorporate their ideas into the bill.

The Senate made strides towards education reform this week as well. Their bills, which will soon head to the House, will reduce the amount of paperwork for teachers and students in an effort to improve quality time in the classroom.

Public Input Needed: House Speaker Jay Lucas is requesting public input for the education reform bill with a hearing on February 12 at 5 pm so teachers and the public can attend after work.

Distracted Driving Legislation

The DUI-E (Driving Under the Influence of Electronics) bill, currently in the committee process, will prohibit drivers from handling their phone or other electronic devices while they are on the road. Distracted driving contributes to a significant number of accidents on S.C. roads and has raised insurance premiums over ten percent in recent years.

Protecting teens from vaping

A bill to protect teens from vaping passed out of the judiciary committee on Wednesday and will continue to the House floor for a vote. This bill bans vaping on public school property and makes it illegal for children under 18 to enter a vape shop without an adult.

Tax Cuts for SC military retirees

In an effort to attract more military retirees to South Carolina the House Ways and Means Committee has proposed a bill that exempts retirement income for more than 38,000 retired veterans from being taxed. By giving veterans a tax cut, the state revenue could potentially increase as the economy grows with more retirees and their families moving to the state.

Exceptional needs tax credit

On Thursday, a bill to increase the tax credit for exceptional needs programs was scheduled for a third reading. This bill aims to increase funding for programs that help families with special needs children seek out the educational opportunities that best fit their kids.  

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