Lexington County Recreation & Aging Commission has begun a Pet Vaccine program that is available to Meals on Wheels home-delivered meals clients.

This program is available by a grant provided by Meals on Wheels America, which is funded in part by a donation from the Banfield Charitable Trust. The pet vaccine voucher program is available to those who lack the financial resources necessary for their cat or dog to receive its yearly shots. The voucher covers the costs of two of the core vaccines.

Call the Meals on Wheels office at 803-356-5111 to make a request. Then you can give the filled out form back to your Meals on Wheels volunteer for them to take back to the center. Once your request is processed, you will receive a Pet Vaccine Voucher that is good for one dog or one cat to be vaccinated. Note: Limited Supply Available.

Due to limited funding there will only be one voucher per request. If you have more than one pet that needs shots, the group can add your name to a wait list for additional pets. If there are any remaining/unused vouchers, you will be contacted.

Once you receive the voucher, you must use it with-in three months. If it is not used with-in three months from the time it is issued, you will be asked to turn it back in so that someone else can benefit from it.

The voucher can only be used at the Pet Med Mobile Vaccine sites. LCRAC has an agreement with Pet Med to accept the vouchers as payment for the specific shots listed. Pet Med makes regular stops in the area to provide services. Please visit www.petmedmobile.com and click on the schedule to see where they will be located or call 1-800-228-6007. A schedule is posted each Monday on their website.

For further information about this program, you can contact Lexington County Recreation & Aging Commission @ 803-356-5111 or email at [email protected]