Representative Chip Huggins presents a proclamation from the State House to LMA which was accepted by Bob Keener, first LMA president, and Joy Downs, who is currently the Executive Director and a past president.

The Lake Murray Association, known as ‘The Voice of Lake Murray’, reached a milestone this month celebrating their 25th anniversary during their quarterly meeting held on Tuesday, May 28.

LMA President Dave Landis greeted the crowd which included past presidents, board members and representatives from law enforcement, SCDNR and Dominion Energy. The meeting was held at Pilgrim Lutheran Church on North Lake Drive.

Billy Chastain, Shoreline Manager for Dominion Energy, spoke to the group about the changes coming to Lake Murray which include more stringent enforcement of non-compliance safety issues that have been neglected in the past. “We wish to maintain the integrity of the lake,” said Chastain. “To do so, some of these issues that can be hazardous to swimmers and boaters need to be addressed.” Chastain mentioned submerged chain link fences and illegal docks as just a few of the concerns surrounding the lake.

Representative Chip Huggins presented a proclamation from the State House to LMA which was accepted by Bob Keener, first LMA president, and Joy Downs, who is currently the Executive Director and a past president and has become instrumental in keeping the group united over the years.

“This vibrant and wonderful organization is just amazing,” said Huggins. “From the water quality testing, Ladies on the Lake program and working side by side with SCDNR has contributed to a better and safer Lake Murray for all of us to enjoy.”

Past presidents and board members were recognized during the meeting.

“I was very privileged to be a founding member,” said Bob Keener. “We all need to put in more time and input into this organization because it’s worthwhile and rewarding at the same time.”

The Lake Murray Association began in March of 1994 as residents from around Lake Murray were invited to a ‘town meeting’ concerning lake water levels. Rod Shealy, publisher of the Lake Murray News, called for the meeting through this newspaper and by placing notices all around the lake. More than 150 people showed up that evening to hear from representatives of SCE&G who fielded their questions concerning the lake. Shealy moderated the meeting and suggested that a planning committee be formed to carry out the suggestions of the group and to officially charter as aResidents Association. In April of ’94 the group was officially organized and officers and board members were elected. From that meeting came LMA’s charter and bylaws were adopted making them a permanent and positive voice of Lake Murray.

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