Congressman Joe Wilson

Congressman Joe Wilson

Earlier this month, I visited all five counties of the Second Congressional District to announce my 2016 Legislative Agenda. I look forward to this new legislative year to promote limited government and expanded freedom for American families which are under attack.

My main priorities include: creating jobs and economic growth, reducing regulations that harm jobs, strengthening our nation’s cyber capabilities, and promoting our military and veterans. To read more information about my legislative priorities, please click here.

In an effort to fulfill this broader legislative agenda, I am focused on specific policy reforms and legislative solutions that can support our troops and American families.

  • Maintain our military’s responsiveness and capabilities to promote peace through strength
  • Protect our nation against cyber-attacks
  • Promote public-private partnerships to encourage cyber innovation
  • Reverse defense sequestration which hollows out the military
  • Support our Guard and Reserve units
  • Ensure our veterans receive quality heathcare

The House is already working to achieve these priorities. One of the first bills passed this year was Restoring American’s Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act, critical legislation that completely repeals Obamacare and defunds Planned Parenthood. Though the President vetoed this legislation, it was the first time we got a bill that repeals Obamacare to the President’s desk—forcing him to defend what I believe is his broken healthcare law that cut services, raised premiums, and destroyed jobs for hardworking families across America. You can read more about a conservative alternative to Obamacare here.

The dangerous Iranian Nuclear Agreement goes into effect this month, giving the Iranian regime access to billions of dollars to support terrorism, expand their ballistic missile program, and threaten American families. We need to be clear with Tehran—the United States has zero tolerance for terrorism or regimes that support terrorism and chant, “Death to America, Death to Israel.”

I was grateful to stand up to stand up to the Iranian regime and co-sponsor the Zero Tolerance for Terrorism Act, critical legislation that gives Congress the ability to act quickly and effectively if and when Iran violates existing restrictions—protecting American families.

My number one focus is serving the priorities of the people of the Second District of South Carolina. Listening to your opinions helps me represent you in Congress, and I appreciate every opportunity to hear your views.

Please visit our website here and share your thoughts about the issues that are most important to you and your family.Click here to take my survey.

In addition, please be aware of the constituent services that the office has made available for you and your family. If you need help with a federal agency, our office can assist you. Also, we are happy to help with Service Academy nominations, internships, district town hall meeting information, U.S. flag requests, Washington, D.C. tours, and other services. Please visit the website for more information:

Please do not hesitate to contact the office if we can ever be of assistance to you or someone you may know in the Second Congressional District of South Carolina.

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It is an honor to serve you.



Joe Wilson

Member Of Congress