Jesus Every Day By Dr. Jed N. Snyder

Jesus Every Day
By Dr. Jed N. Snyder

What would the United States of America look like with no church buildings? Even more gruesome, what would the United States be like with no Christians? It is nearly impossible to imagine what life would be without the virtues listed in the Sermon on the Mount, Mathew chapters 5-7.

When Jesus Christ said “blessed are the peacemakers” and his followers have taken that teaching to heart all these centuries, life is different, better. When we are told to “love our enemies” and “do good to those who despitefully use us,” life is so much better. How many times has a quarrel or an outright fight been stopped because one party would not return evil for evil but instead returned good for harm, love for anger?

As we think about what Christmas, the mass of Christ, really means we should bow in reverent worship. God has become man. The God who scattered the billions upon billions not only of stars but of galaxies beyond what we can imagine, that God took upon himself the form of a man. In the form of a man he allowed his created beings to crucify him. This is love beyond human ability to grasp. No one but a loving God can do this. None of us, mortals that we are and sinful besides, could ever match the immensity of this love.

Christmas is the time to help others. The greatest help we can give is to point them to the Bible and tell them the story of Jesus. May your Christmas day be one where you read the story, bow in worship and celebrate the birth of Jesus, the King. No other celebration is worthy of our Lord Jesus Christ. We sing that great carol “Twas the birthday of the King.” Let us consider anew what that means in our homes.

Dr. Jed N. Snyder is the President, Jesus Every Day Ministries, Inc.; and the Pastor at Augusta Street Church, West Columbia. To contact him visit or e-mail [email protected]