Editor’s note: We inadvertently left off the author’s name from the original post.  This has been updated to reflect that the author is Joe Nash.


The ‘COUNCIL PEACE ATTEMPT FAILS’ article written and posted by Mr. Brent Chitwood, Candidate for Irmo Town Council, describes an attempt by Mayor Hardy King to create a ‘talking point’ to disparage Councilman Barry Walker. The ‘attempt’ was a silly superfluous resolution repeating what is already contained in Roberts Rules of Order as previously adopted by Irmo Town Council. The meaningless resolution once again demonstrates Hardy King’s inability to provide professional leadership; his primary job as the Mayor of Irmo. The Mayor vigoriously supports the election of Mr. Chitwood to Town Council, replacing either Barry Walker or Kathy Condom who are frequently at odds with the Mayor on issues affecting the Residents of Irmo.

Mr. Chitwood’s dissertation attempts to describe a situation which has existed since Mayor John Gibbons did NOT seek re-election, and Hardy King was elected Mayor. Barry Walker was a Councilman when John Gibbons was Mayor, and there was no disorderly behavior. So what happened to create the environment Brent Chitwood describes? Simple answer; Hardy King was elected Mayor! Hardy King had a predetermined agenda which did not reflect the best interest of the Residents of Irmo. It was self-centered on what he ( Hardy King ) thought was best for the people. Hardy King has successfully demonstrated his inability to professionally Chair the Town Council. So he apparently sought help from a superfluous ‘resolution’ which simply restates what Roberts Rules already provides.

Barry Walker’s agenda is dedicated to listening and reacting as a Representative of the Residents; not what he (Barry Walker) thinks is best for you. The drastically different agendas of Mayor King and Councilman Walker spawned an adversarial situation between them. Barry is not the problem; The incompetence of Hardy King as the Mayor is the problem!

During the 2015 election, when Residents of Irmo were not paying attention, Mayor King solicited, supported, and succeeded in getting Julian Waites and Mark Pouliot elected to Town council. This essentially left only Kathy Condom and Barry Walker as true Representatives of the people. Mayor King, who lacks leadership skills and depends on authority / power, gained 3 of the 5 council votes. Yes, Barry Walker has been vocal – – but it was the only means available to contest Hardy King’s personal agenda and pursuit of power.

All this kindergarten stuff is the result of Hardy King not possessing the skills necessary to “do his job” as Chair of Irmo Town Council. Sorry Brent Chitwood, nothing you have posted indicates any reason to vote for you. In fact, your actions demonstrate a myopic (narrow minded) character who is more interested in tearing down than building up.

As most interested people know, Brent Chitwood is a protege of Hardy King. Mayor King encouraged Brent to be a Council candidate, and supports Brent in hopes Barry Walker will no longer be around to challenge the Mayor’s self-centered agenda. If elected, Brent would be the Mayor’s 4th vote on council, meaning Hardy King could do whatever his personal agenda dictates, including sustaining his rulings from the Chair.

In his lengthy dissertation, Brent Chitwood acknowledges Roberts Rules of Order provides the Chair (Mayor King) with the authority to rule a motion, comment etc. “out of order”. This makes the silly ‘resolution’ totally superfluous; of no value. It was a grandstand move on the part of the Mayor to create a “talking point” for lambasting Barry Walker.

It is also interesting that Mr. Chitwood used the lengthy bit of verbiage to disparage (yes, disparage) Mr. Walker; not to convince us that he ( Brent Chitwood ) is the better of 6 candidates. Brent, to get people’s vote, you need to campaign positively about why should we elect you, not about why we should not elect Barry Walker. You have never, to my knowledge, mentioned any of the other four Council candidates. It is obvious that your and Mayor King’s objective is to disparage and to defeat Councilman Barry Walker.

You knocked on the door of my home to discuss your campaign, but most of the discussion was essentially the same as your dissertation. You did make some surprisingly revealing comments relative to Hardy King which I will not quote without your permission. I will say, however, your statements about the Mayor leave me with doubts about your sincerity, or maybe even your truthfulness.

To elect you to Irmo Town Council would effectively be giving Hardy King an additional Council vote, and remove one of the remaining two Council Members who truly respect the Residents they represent.

Please folks, don’t do it !!!!


Joe Nash