The Irmo Fire District is working to reduce the number of fires and injuries in the Irmo area as a result of these fires. It has been proven that early detection of a fire in your home is the best way to make sure you get out safely.

February 13, with the partnership of the American Red Cross, personnel from both agencies visited more than 170 homes in a local neighborhood blitz, eventually installing 75 smoke alarms and 16 carbon monoxide detectors. This project is ongoing and will be continued at a later date.

The newest program offered by the Irmo Fire District is to get smoke alarms into homes occupied by the hearing impaired. As a follow up to the blitz,  they are installing smoke alarms manufactured for the hearing impaired, again at no cost to the occupants. As a combined Irmo Fire and SC State Fire Marshal project, they are installing the smoke alarms during this program.

“The Irmo Fire District has taken a very aggressive and consistent approach to fire and life safety” said Fire Chief Mike Sonefeld. “This is one segment of society who also needs to be served by our fire prevention efforts and we have found a way to make it happen.”

In the past 17 months they have installed about 400 smoke alarms and 150 carbon monoxide detectors in homes within Irmo Fire District’s primary response area.

For more information on the Irmo Fire District fire prevention efforts, contact Captain Brian Haley at 803-781-7178.