Brian Haley, Fire Marshal for the Irmo Fire District, spoke February 17 at the Optimist Club of St. Andrews-Irmo. Haley, who worked his way through the ranks from being a firefighter to his present position, gave a brief history of firefighting and then presented a few facts about the District for which he is responsible.

The Irmo Fire district serves roughly 42,000 citizens, 2,000 businesses, and 20,000 structures. It is geographically situated in such a way that it can reach the farthest point of its perimeter in any direction, in 10 minutes.

The Number One cause of fires in the District and elsewhere is cooking incidents. Mr. Haley said that smoke alarms typically age to failure in about 10 years. The cause of failure is the aging of the sensor system, so even though testing the alarm monthly assures that the sound alarm works, such tests do not reveal the viability of the sensor, one way or the other. There was a question from a Club member about the height location of carbon monoxide alarms, thinking that the gas seeks a low level. Haley responded that carbon monoxide remains at the level where it is generated, so the alarm is best located at the midpoint of the wall.

Pictured are Gary Dobson, Club President, Brian Haley, and Jay Downs, the speaker host. Dobson is shown presenting Mr. Haley with a copy of the Optimist Creed.