Over the past three weeks, after school children came together to raise money in the hopes of providing meals for local senior citizens served by Meals on Wheels.

Pennies Full of Love, was created among the staff of Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission as an intergenerational program to bring young and senior patrons closer together.

“Meals on Wheels serves to provide meals for seniors who are unable to cook or shop and to give an opportunity for interaction with others when the meals are dropped off at their home,” said John Cantey, Director of Seven Oaks Park.

Every afternoon when school releases, many students grades K-5 spend the afternoon with Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission’s Afternoon Safari Programs. Here the children complete their homework, socialize with their friends, play games and enjoy an after school snack.

The four different Safari sites came together to raise enough money to provide 539 hot meals. The children of Seven Oaks Park, Crooked Creek Park, Ballentine and Oak Pointe Safari brought pennies to donate in a competition to see which site could raise the most. The pennies arrived by the handful, zip lock bag, piggy bank, and recycled jar.

“A cumulative $1,249.02 was raised with Oak Pointe bringing in the most pennies. In addition, the children at Crooked Creek Park made Valentine’s Day Cards for Meals on Wheels Valentine’s Day delivery so the seniors in the Chapin Community received a card of love with their warm meal,” said Andrea Tsilis, Safari Coordinator.

If you are interested in giving to Meals on Wheels contact Kim Bowers, Senior Services Coordinator at 803-772-3336.