Letter to Editor from Edward Bear, Irmo, SC


You regularly receive letters from readers who tout the virtues of what they call “Conservatism”.  These same people also regularly malign those they see as “Liberals”.  Many of these people resort to childish name calling which they apparently see as funny. 

I sincerely believe labels serve to divide us.  It is also seems the definition of “conservative” is somewhat of a moving target.  I have studied history and current events as best I can.  I also have a keen interest in religious matters.  Based on what I have seen and heard, I must confess to being a “Liberal”.  Here is why:

1.         I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  Jesus was a radical liberal who taught peace, love, selflessness and instructed us to be non-judgmental.

2.         I support the ideal which was America.  Our founders were revolutionary liberals and our Constitution and Bill of Rights are liberal documents.   

3.         I hate intolerance.  I am intolerant of intolerance.  I do not believe intolerance to be a good thing. 

4.         I support the basic worth and dignity of women.  Women deserve the right to vote and to own property.  They should be entitled to equal pay and respect. 

5.         I support the equal rights amendment and I support measures to stop violence against women.

6.         I support a woman’s right to choose for a number of reasons.  I don’t want the government dictating my personal family business.  Additionally, we do not need more unwanted children until we are prepared to fully support them after they arrive.  Unwanted children will become unwanted adults.  Unnurtured and unwanted adults are dangerous.

7.         Political correctness is nothing more than basic manners.  I support a return to mannerly living and to civil discourse.  Politically correct conduct is something to be admired.

8.         I believe in responsible gun ownership and I also believe in reasonable gun regulation and control. 

9.         I believe good government is good and bad government is bad.  I do not see government as the enemy of the people and I fail to understand how one can love his country but hate his government.

10.       It is an honor to pay taxes for the common good.  I want the government to take what it needs but no more.  We all have gotten much from this country.  What we get from our country is a bargain in relation to what we pay in taxes.  I am personally sick of hearing so-called conservatives whine about having to support our country by the payment of taxes.  Government services are not free.

11.       I believe in a balanced budget.

12.       I believe in a strong military.

13.       I believe in equality under the law for all races and religions.  At their core, most religions are the same anyway.  People are all the same regardless of their race. 

14.       I don’t understand the homosexual lifestyle but nothing says I have to understand it in order to respect it.  Freedom means freedom for everyone.  I support the right of Americans to love and marry who they choose.  My neighbor’s sexual orientation is none of my business.  I value my gay friends.

15.       We are a nation of immigrants.  Actually, we are all illegal immigrants except for the Native Americans.  We took this land by conquest and genocide.  We need to control our borders but we need to deal rationally with the immigration situation as it is.  By the way, Latinos are good for our country and they are generally nice, hardworking people.

16.       I like black people; white people; brown people; red people; Asian people; Latin people; European people; Indians; Native Americas; mixed people; and all other types of people.

17.       I only see one major news channel as presenting fake news.

18.       I don’t trust Russia and I believe our continued support of NATO and our allies to be critical to our national defense.

19.       I believe we owe our children, all of them, better than a minimally adequate education.  It does take a village to raise a child.

20.       I believe in freedom of the press and I strongly support the first amendment.

21.       I believe teachers are vital to our future.  They deserve our respect and they deserve adequate pay.

22.       I value the police and all first responders.

23.       I believe the religious right to be neither religious nor right.  Franklin Graham and those like him should get a job selling shoes. 

24.       I believe Donald Trump does not tell the truth and is not to be trusted.  America was great long before he got the job as President.

25.       I believe Russia interfered in our national election and would do it again.

26.       I believe we must divorce politics from money.

27.       I believe in term limits.

28.       I believe in Science and I believe Global Warming is a threat to our species.

29.       I love the gentle poetry of Genesis but I believe in evolution.

30.       I believe illegal drugs are destroying the fabric of our society.  Illegal drugs present a major health crisis. 

31.       I believe the confederate flag to be a symbol of an army that fought against our country.  It has been used in ways so as to symbolize everything our country stands against.

32.       I believe it is hard for us to be considered an industrialized nation when we no longer make things.

33.       I believe our people should be allowed to have casino gambling and horse racing.  The state should not have a monopoly on gambling.

34.       I believe we should pay what is necessary to promote safe roads, bridges and infrastructure.

35.       I believe we are operating our state on 19th-century revenue vehicles which in fact is quite insane. 

36.       I believe marijuana should be legal.  I have never used the substance and believe it to be trashy.  It is not addictive and free people should have the right to use trashy substances.

37.       I believe Jesus preached against public prayer.  See Matthew Chapter 6.  I don’t want my children exposed to the theology of Evangelical Christians and I do not want prayer in public schools.

38.       I believe in separation of church and state.

39.       I believe we have an obligation to other life forms and we have been entrusted with the care of the planet.  Cruelty to animals is wrong and so is environmental waste.

40.       I believe poverty is a curse.  The culture of poverty is deadly.  We must do what we can to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate in the American dream.

41.       I believe ignorance should not be admired or emulated.  Arrogant ignorance is absurd.  “Duck Dynasty” does not present a life style to be admired.

42.       If an 18-year-old is an adult and is mature enough to serve in the armed forces, he should be able to buy a beer or have a glass of wine. If an 18-year-old is mature enough to vote, he should be mature enough to have a drink.

43.       I believe a house divided against itself will not long stand. 

44.       I believe we can do better.  

45.       I pray for peace. 

Thank you for providing me the opportunity as a hated liberal to have a say.  I at least got these thoughts out of my head and onto paper.    

Yours very truly,

Edward Bear

Irmo, SC


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