Representative Chip Huggins, District 85, and Representative Nathan Ballentine, District 71, handed sound defeats to their primary challengers.

Bryan Clifton sought Huggins District 85 seat in Lexington County leading his campaign as a ‘fresh, new voice,’ where Huggins relied on his ‘proven record of reform.’

Nathan Ballentine trounced Richland County Councilman Bill Malinowski by winning 84 percent of the vote for District 71.

Runoffs will be held for Johnny Jeffcoat’s seat in Lexington District 6 (Irmo, Chapin, Lexington) between Erin Long Bergeson and Dino Teppara. Tina Guerry and Rich Bolen will square off for Lexington County Registrar of Deeds and Lisa Comer will runoff against Emily Hinson for Lexington County Clerk of Courts.

Lexington County Solicitor contenders Rick Hubbard and Candice Lively seek a win in the runoff for Donnie Meyer’s vacated post that he held since 1976.

In one of the lowest voter turnouts in more than 20 years mostly incumbents prevailed despite the trend in other elections to replace established leaders.

The runoffs will be held June 28 from 7pm until 7pm.